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Expert Local Crane Services Near Me

Baker & Baker Towing and Crane Service has an extensive fleet of heavy hoisting equipment and machinery that can be deployed throughout the Woodburn, Wilsonville, and Canby, Oregon, area. Conveniently located off Interstate 5, we are Oregon’s leading mobile crane service provider.

We invest in state-of-the-art technology and rotator booms. The experienced professionals we work with possess the skills and certifications necessary to perform a safe crane operation in even rugged landscapes. That’s why contractors, freight carriers, law enforcement, and agricultural operations rely on Baker & Baker Towing and Crane Service 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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Safe Crane Service Near Me

As a crane company providing industry-leading services, we know that safety comes first. When business professionals search for a “safe crane service near me” in Woodburn, Wilsonville, Canby, Salem, or other Northwest and Central Oregon areas, they typically get a lengthy list of seemingly cheap providers.

The adage that “you get what you pay for” when enlisting a mobile crane service holds. Organizations that cut corners often lack the heavy-duty equipment and experienced people necessary to safely perform hoisting and repositioning tasks. As an experienced safety-certified crane company in Woodburn, we offer the lowest rates possible without cutting corners.

Baker & Baker recognizes that crane service needs can arise at any time. With 24/7 availability, our dedicated team is always ready to respond promptly to your calls for crane services, ensuring convenience and minimal downtime for your projects.

Professional Crane Company

The leadership team at Baker & Baker Towing and Crane Service is determined to leave nothing to chance. For us, professionalism involves onboarding the right equipment, technology, and people who come to work with exceptional problem-solving mindsets. Our team is committed to checking and double-checking safety considerations before moving forward. You can expect us to deliver efficient mobile crane services when we perform the following.

  • HVAC Hoisting
  • HVAC Delivery
  • Rigging Service
  • Heavy Duty Recovery of Specialized Equipment
  • Heavy Duty Recovery of Construction Equipment
  • Heavy Duty Recovery of Farm Equipment
  • Cargo Load Shifts
  • Cargo Load Swaps
    Lumber Lifting
  • Construction Material Placement
  • Overturned Trailer Recovery
  • Undecking Trucks and Semis
  • Precast Concrete Placement
  • Landscaping Material Placement
  • Trailer Stacking and Unstacking
  • 24/7 Emergency Service Line

Mobile Crane Services

Mobile crane operations differ significantly from the massive, fixed-in-place machinery that off-load cargo ships. Our mobile crane service is designed to offer agility and space flexibility while reducing costs for local companies. To serve the needs of local businesses, we’ve invested in a diverse fleet of machinery. Our mobile units can establish a minimal footprint between buildings, in parking lots, and even off-road terrain to perform a safe crane operation.

Led by mobile crane service experts with extension field experience, Baker & Baker Towing and Crane Service remains the leading resource in the Woodburn, Wilsonville, and Canby, Oregon, area, for a good reason. We are fully insured and safety-certified, with an established history of providing safe mobile crane services in Northwest and Central Oregon. If you need help with a project or require emergency mobile crane service, we’re ready to perform the following, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Crane Operation

A successful crane operation calls for heavy-duty equipment, hoisting accessories, and trained professionals to finish the job on time and budget. At Baker & Baker Towing and Crane Service, we have the mobile cranes, tools, technology, and people to complete any project.

Heavy Equipment Lifting

Heavy equipment lifting has been a critical part of our mobile crane service. Contractors, agricultural leaders, and others routinely call us to elevate large, bulky, and weighty equipment. We are pleased to be able to offer this aspect of our mobile crane services to help members of the business community transport machinery or raise and place valuable products and assets. Whether you need an HVAC unit set on a rooftop or machinery repositioned, Baker & Baker Towing and Crane Service is ready to help.

Emergency Crane Services

As a mobile crane company located just off I-5 in Woodburn, we receive calls from law enforcement and commercial vehicle operators to send help retrieving toppled trailers, big rigs, and motorhomes. We also provide emergency crane services when construction and agricultural machinery get bogged down. Our agile, mobile units can immediately complete scheduled projects and emergency crane services along the Interstate, rural routes, parking lots, and off-road locations.

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