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Gas Delivery Near Me

The last thing any motorist wants to do is shlep miles to a fuel station and carry a gallon back to their stranded vehicle. Along with the stress and anxiety of leaving your vehicle abandoned by the side of the road, trekking along a busy highway or street puts you at risk. Baker & Baker Towing and Crane Service provides 24/7 fuel delivery in Salem, Woodburn, Wilsonville, and Canby, Oregon.

Our gas delivery service is typically much quicker than walking miles after dark or in unlit, unfamiliar areas. Motorists whose cars, trucks, SUVs, motorhomes, and commercial vehicles hit empty can dial a real person at our call center. The customer care professional will take down your location and ask what type of fuel the vehicle takes. The nearest tow truck operator will be routed to your location, carrying enough fuel to reach a gas station or your destination. We also help reduce the frustration of waiting by sending a text message letting you know when a gas delivery service technician will arrive.

To learn more about our 24/7 Fuel Delivery Service and to speak to a member of our team, call us at

24/7 Fuel Delivery Service - Car Out of Gas

When residents and visitors run out of fuel, they usually type “fuel delivery near me” in Salem, Wilsonville, Canby, Woodburn, or anywhere else in northwest and central Oregon to find the closest provider. While your browser may be flooded with options, making the best choice can be something of a challenge. Some of the so-called “sponsored” listings could be hours away.

If your tank hits E along Interstate 5, regional highways, suburban streets, or back roads in Central Oregon, Baker & Baker Towing and Crane Service deliver gas or diesel quickly. We’re conveniently located off I-5 in Woodburn and have field technicians throughout Marion County and neighboring communities. To put it succinctly, our gas delivery service is quick, efficient, reliable, and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


How Do I Know If My Car Ran Out of Gas?

We completely understand that most motorists do not necessarily work in the auto mechanic trades. There’s no reason you should know whether your car, truck, SUV, or recreational vehicle is out of gas other than the fuel gauge pointing at E for empty.

It’s also possible the mileage range indicator plummeted sharply or something malfunctioned. That’s why our dispatcher will ask a few questions about how the vehicle performed before the engine cut off. Based on the answers, a roadside assistance specialist will either come ready to put gasoline or diesel in the tank or perform another on-site service. These are helpful tips regarding how to know if your car ran out of gas.

Loss of Power

A car out of gas is a lot like unplugging a hair dryer or power tool. It just stops working. But a car out of gas can be riskier than an item driven by electricity. The power steering can become difficult to handle, and the brakes may begin to fail.

Sputtering Engine Noises

As a vehicle runs out of fuel, it starts to sputter. This experience is the engine desperately gasping at the last drips and drabs of gasoline or diesel fuel. Anytime an engine begins to sputter, safety dictates that drivers immediately pull over to a safe location. Then, call us for a prompt gas delivery service.

Jerking Motions

Jerking motions occur when the engine enters what can be best described as the vehicle’s “death throes.” The engine may be getting a small amount of fuel. But it’s likely just running on fumes. There’s no time to waste when an automobile starts jerking. Pull over and call for roadside assistance.

Emergency Diesel Fuel Delivery Services

Running low on diesel fuel can quickly become an emergency, especially when operating heavy-duty trucks and machinery. At Baker & Baker Towing and Crane Service, we understand the importance of keeping your equipment fueled and operational. That’s why we offer reliable Emergency Diesel Fuel Delivery Services in the greater Salem, Woodburn, Wilsonville, and Canby, Oregon areas.

Our prompt and efficient fuel delivery team is available 24/7 to respond to your emergency needs. Whether your construction site, farm, or industrial project is in a remote location or a busy urban area, we can deliver diesel fuel directly to your location.

Don’t let fuel shortages bring your operations to a halt. Contact Baker & Baker for Emergency Diesel Fuel Delivery, and we’ll ensure you have the fuel you need to keep your equipment running smoothly. Call us at 503-981-9597 for immediate assistance.

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