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Tow Truck Company Assists Repair Shop

Truck Comes Off Lift at Repair Shop, Tow Truck Company Comes to the Rescue 

As a trusted tow truck company in Oregon, Baker & Baker has helped out with many recoveries. While some are more complicated because of  inclement weather or remote locations, others are less dramatic and closer to home. 

The Baker & Baker crew recently helped out a local repair shop located only 10 minutes away from their headquarters. We received a call from the repair shop after a truck that they were working on came off its lift. The repair shop knew that this was a job that Baker & Baker could expertly handle. 

Once our tow truck company professional arrived on the scene, he carefully assessed the situation and came up with his plan of action. He was able to efficiently lift and stabilize the truck in only 40 minutes! Kudos to the experienced Baker & Baker pro! Keep up the great work! 

Details of Truck Comes Off Lift at Repair Shop, Tow Truck Company Comes to the Rescue 

A car repair shop recently called the tow truck company, Baker & Baker Towing & Crane Service, for some assistance. The incident occurred in the repair shop at Woodburn, Oregon. As a trusted Oregon tow truck company, the Baker & Baker team were happy to assist. 

The tow truck company dispatcher picked up the call and got the details of the incident from the customer. A truck was at the repair shop for repairs and the lift it was on was not set up properly. Unfortunately, because of the improper set up, the truck came off the lift. This type of incident does occasionally happen at repair shops and the repair shop may call a tow truck company for assistance. 

Baker & Baker tow truck company sent one member of their team to the location, along with medium duty tow truck #213 with a 512 wrecker body. The member of the tow truck company arrived at the repair shop within 10 minutes and assessed the situation upon arrival. 

The tow truck company professional noticed that the large layout of the shop allowed him to get the larger truck right in. To begin the job, the tow truck company driver backed up to the truck. The truck’s driver side axle was resting on the swing arm of the lift, so he extended the boom. 

Two soft straps were connected to the tow hooks which were attached to the frame of the truck. 

The truck was lifted and then stabilized and the tow truck company crew member lowered it back down gently. Once on the ground, the lift was set underneath the truck and resituated.

Lastly, the tow truck company completed the job by placing the wheels back on the truck. 

Thankfully, there was minimal damage to the truck. On the driver’s door, there was a little damage and the service body was slightly bent. Lastly, there was minimal undercarriage and door damage. The entire job took the tow truck company professional 40 minutes in total.


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