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30,000 lb Load Shift Causes Rollover

Terrifying Load Shift Causes Scary Rollover on North Pacific Highway

A truck driver is lucky to walk away from an unfortunate load shift on North Pacific Highway! Baker & Baker Towing Service often deals with the aftermaths of load shifts. The fortunate drivers are able to correct the load shift before a catastrophic accident. Unfortunately, not all drivers are so lucky.

On this particular occasion, a truck carrying a 30,000 lbs load of paper rolls was driving on North Pacific Highway when a car suddenly cut him off. The driver had no choice but to brake suddenly or else he would have hit the car!

The force of the sudden braking caused a load shift and the truck began rolling over. Both the tractor and the trailer were complete losses. Thankfully, the driver was buckled in and managed to walk away from the accident. He was definitely shaken up and feeling sore but he felt grateful to be standing on his own two feet!

Baker & Baker dispatched 6 heavy duty towing and recovery operators to the scene along with 2 heavy wreckers, 1 forklift, 1 rotator, and additional trailers. The first task on the team’s agenda: clear out the cargo. The paper rolls needed to be removed from the damaged trailer prior to recovery.

Using their forklift, the team made efficient work of clearing out the trailer. They loaded the paper rolls onto the spare Landoll trailers they brought with them to the scene and drove them to their secure yard.

Once the cargo was unloaded, the team used their rotator to upright the overturned trailer. Seeing as the rear wheels of the trailer were still functional and safe to be driven on, the team was able to tow the wrecked trailer with their heavy wrecker. They used the second heavy wrecker to tow the damaged tractor.

Great work out there team! A big thank you to our incredible in-house dispatch team. Thanks to all the information they acquired, all the essential equipment was on scene right away. This allowed the load shift team to complete their job in a timely manner, without having to wait for more equipment!

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Details of Terrifying Load Shift Causes Scary Rollover on North Pacific Highway

Baker & Baker’s load shift team were called in after an accident on North Pacific Highway. The load shift recovery team was dispatched from 2874 Newberg Highway, Woodburn, OR 97071, United States.

Once on scene, the load shift recovery team assessed the situation. They noted that a load shift had caused a fully loaded tractor trailer to roll-over. The load shift recovery team used their forklift to help unload the paper rolls from the back of the totalled trailer.

Once the paper rolls were unloaded, the heavy recovery team was able to upright the trailer. The heavy recovery team backed up one of their heavy wreckers to the front of the damaged trailer. They hooked onto the front axle of the trailer and towed it to their nearby yard.

The load shift recovery team then cleared the tractor from the scene using a second heavy wrecker. They made their way back to Baker & Baker Towing Service headquarters to await the next job!

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