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Aurora Heavy Recovery: Pulling a Truck from the Pit

Mud, Metal, and Might

It all started with a routine call from a dump truck driver who found himself in a less-than-ideal situation at a local quarry in Aurora. While backing up to the pit for a normal delivery, the driver ended up sliding his four-axle dump truck right into it. Although the damage wasn’t immediately visible in the pictures he sent, the truck’s frame likely suffered significant damage. At this point, it was clear that this job was for Aurora heavy recovery specialists. We needed the big tow trucks.

Aurora heavy towing

Unearthing the Truck

We expected the truck to weigh around 50,000 lbs. That’s why we coordinated with the quarry to use an excavator on-site. This helped in emptying as much dirt from the truck as possible. This significantly reduced the weight and the potential damage and stress on the vehicle during the recovery process. It made the entire operation smoother and safer for everyone involved.

Given the space constraints at the scene, our ideal “slingshot” recovery method, involving pulling the truck between two heavy wreckers, wasn’t feasible. Nonetheless, our team adapted swiftly. With two heavy wreckers at our disposal, we managed to execute the recovery. The main lifting effort was undertaken by one wrecker. It lifted the back end of the dump truck out of the pit as much as possible. The other wrecker pulled it forward, guiding and supporting the operation with secondary lines.

truck recovery Baker and Baker

Gravity’s Challengers: The Truck Rescue Squad

Kevin, Travis, Nick, and Tenny, our four dedicated employees on the scene, worked tirelessly for almost three hours. Their effort finally ensured the dump truck was safely recovered. The total job took about 4.5 hours. In the end, we successfully towed the vehicle to our shop in Woodburn for further inspection and repair.

From Quarry Pit to Safe Ground: The Aurora Heavy Recovery

When we received the call about the dump truck incident in Aurora, Oregon, our team was immediately on alert for a challenging Aurora heavy recovery operation. The dump truck, stuck in a pit while making deliveries at a local quarry off of Arndt Road, presented a unique set of challenges, not least of which was its significant weight.

Anticipating a 50,000 lb vehicle, we coordinated an effort to lighten the load by having the quarry’s excavator remove as much dirt as possible. This strategic move was crucial in minimizing further damage to the truck and ensuring a safer recovery process.

Truck Out of the Pit

The recovery operation faced spatial constraints that prevented us from deploying our preferred slingshot method with two heavy wreckers. Instead, we utilized wrecker 220 to perform the bulk of the lifting, hoisting the dump truck’s rear out of the pit. Wrecker 204 played a critical supporting role, pulling the truck forward and ensuring its stability with secondary lines.

Team Effort

Throughout the nearly three-hour on-scene operation, our team of four—Kevin, Travis, Nick, and Tenny—demonstrated exceptional skill and teamwork. Their dedication was instrumental in the dump truck’s successful recovery and towing back to our Baker & Baker shop in Woodburn, marking another successful Aurora heavy recovery mission.

Aurora Heavy Recovery

Baker & Baker on a Mission

In incidents like these, we cannot overstate the value of experienced Aurora heavy recovery services. Handling a potentially dangerous situation, our team at Baker & Baker displayed quick thinking, teamwork, and technical expertise in resolving complex recovery tasks. Without compromising safety.

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