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Box Truck Towing for Stolen U-Haul After High Speed Police Chase

Box Truck Towing Services for Stolen U-Haul in Dallas, Oregon

What happens when a stolen U-Haul goes on a high speed police chase? Well, it just might end with a need for box truck towing services. Baker & Baker Towing recently had the opportunity to demonstrate our prowess in responding to some of Dallas, Oregon’s most interesting towing calls.

This particular call came in on a Saturday morning. A 15 foot U-Haul moving truck had been stolen and subsequently involved in a high speed police chase. In order to apprehend the suspect and vehicle, the Polk County police set down tack strips with nails. As the U-Haul drove over the strips at a high rate of speed, the tires were destroyed which resulted in the driver losing control and crashing into the highway jersey barrier. 

Initially, another box truck towing company hauled the U-Haul to the Polk County sheriff where it was held as evidence. Once the investigation was complete, Baker & Baker stepped in to provide secondary box truck towing services from the sheriff’s impound lot back to the U-Haul headquarters.

To complete the job, our expert box truck towing technician, Tennison Montgomery,  responded with a 20-foot flatbed. Due to the damages incurred, this task took quite a bit of skill and time as simply rolling the wheels onto the flatbed was not an option. Over the course of about forty minutes, Tennison used a strategic dragging method across the gravel to then load the box truck onto the flatbed.

Once the bed of the flatbed was jammed under the front wheels, he was able to pull it forward a bit and then push it backwards before resetting and continuing this process. With much patience and dexterity, Tennison managed to do what the previously called box truck towing companies could not.

From here, the U-Haul truck was towed back to Happy Valley, Oregon for processing and repairs. We’re happy to say that we have some of the most capable and competent box truck towing technicians on our team! Great work, Tennison!

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Details of Box Truck Towing Services for Stolen U-Haul in Dallas, Oregon

Baker & Baker Towing recently completed a box truck towing project in Dallas, Oregon. The need for box truck towing services came as the result of a high speed police chase involving a stolen 15-foot U-Haul moving truck. Box truck towing services proved difficult for other towing companies to complete due to the damages incurred in the chase.

To slow the roll of the U-Haul, the Polk County police used tack strips with nails. This caused the driver to lose control after he drove across these at a high rate of speed. The tires were destroyed and the U-Haul crashed into the highway jersey barrier.

Baker & Baker arrived at the Polk County Sheriff’s impound lot to provide secondary box truck towing services following the completion of the investigation into the incident. Our box truck towing division was tasked with hauling the U-Haul from the lot back to U-Haul headquarters.

We sent one of our most talented box truck towing technicians, Tennison Montgomery, to complete the job. Because the vehicle could not roll and was parked in a gravel lot, this proved to be quite a difficult task to accomplish. 

First, Tennison employed a dragging strategy across the gravel to then load the box truck onto a 20-foot flatbed for box truck towing services. To get the bed of the flatbed positioned under the U-Haul’s front wheels, he pulled it forward and then pushed it backwards in a rocking motion. After each incremental movement, Tennison would reset and then repeat the process.

Once the U-Haul was loaded onto the flatbed towing truck, Tennison provided the requested box truck towing services back to Happy Valley, Oregon where the U-Haul was originally taken from. Great work, Tennison!

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