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Canby Vintage Vehicle Towing: Meet A Classic Ford Fire Truck

A Tow Like No Other

It’s always a pleasure to encounter a vehicle that’s out of the ordinary. A classic 1974 Ford fire truck, a gem owned by an enthusiast in our community, had broken down during a test drive. The location was just outside Canby, Oregon. Now, the backdrop for an unusual Canby vintage vehicle towing job. With only Travis on the scene, our medium-duty wrecker dispatched for what would become a memorable vehicle recovery operation.

En Route to This Roadside Rescue

To retrieve the vintage fire truck Travis traversed Oregon 170, Oregon 211, and finally Oregon 213. These roads are familiar to us, but they rarely witness the towing of such a vintage vehicle. The fire truck, weighing a solid 20,000 pounds, presented a unique challenge. But one we were ready to handle.

Navigating the Recovery

The process was meticulous. With our medium-duty wrecker, Travis executed a standard heavy-duty hookup. He used frame forks to attach the front end of the fire truck. The drive shaft was disconnected, with a warning tag placed on the steering wheel to indicate its removal—a crucial step given the truck’s age and the absence of air brakes. This detail simplified the task, allowing Travis to focus on safely transporting this classic vehicle back to its home in Molalla.

The operation took 2.5 hours, as Travis carefully handled such an exquisite piece of automotive history.

Canby Vintage Vehicle Towing: Safely Towing a Piece of History

A 1974 Ford Fire Truck’s Road to Recovery

When the call came in about a 1974 Ford fire truck stranded near Canby, Oregon, it wasn’t just another day at the office for us. This Canby vintage vehicle towing job showcased our expertise and care in handling vehicles that are more than just modes of transportation; they are treasures.

The Road Less Travelled

Our route took our operator through the heart of Oregon along highways 170, 211, and 213. This Canby vintage vehicle towing operation was not just about moving a vehicle; it was about ensuring the safety and preservation of a classic. With Travis on the scene, our medium-duty wrecker was the perfect fit for the 20,000-pound fire truck. 

Bringing a Classic Fire Truck Back Home 

Canby vintage vehicle towing requires more than just the right equipment; it demands precision, care, and a deep understanding of what these vehicles represent. Due to the truck’s vintage nature, disconnecting the drive shaft avoided the need to plumb air. 

Safeguarding a Historic Vehicle’s Journey

Throughout the 2.5-hour operation, the respect of our operator for historic vehicles was evident. Canby vintage vehicle towing is a service we provide with pride and dedication. Whether it’s a classic car, a vintage fire truck, or any other vehicle that holds a special place in the hearts of its owners, we are here to ensure it gets the care it deserves.

Canby Vintage Vehicle Towing

Baker & Baker: Expertly Handling a Unique Tow

At Baker & Baker, we understand the value of these unique vehicles. Our Canby vintage vehicle towing service meets the needs of enthusiasts and collectors alike. It ensures that every vehicle, no matter how rare or unusual, receives the respect and care it deserves.

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