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Car Recovery Services Rescue Vehicle from Pudding River

Against the Current: Car Recovery Services Triumphs in Pudding River Rescue

Baker & Baker Towing & Crane Service received a call to perform one of its car recovery services. The call came in from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office and required immediate attention. The scenario was intense: a vehicle had overturned into the Pudding River, located between Mt Angel and Gervais on Mt Angel Gervais Road NE. The car, a 2005 Honda Accord, was found 30 feet down in the river. Luckily, its occupant was safe: the young woman driving the vehicle managed to crawl out before the car flipped over in the water.

Our car recovery services were promptly dispatched to the scene, facing a real challenge. The location’s accessibility was a significant concern, with a sheer 30-foot drop to the river. The fire department had to provide ladders for our Baker & Baker recovery team to descend safely. Equipped with climbing harnesses and wired in for safety, the team descended and navigated to the submerged vehicle.

The car recovery services operation required precision and care. Once the team made a secure connection to the car, they used a medium-duty truck to winch the vehicle towards an opening in the trees. This allowed the team to pull the car up the embankment. In a coordinated effort, both a heavy-duty and a medium-duty wrecker were used to lift the car straight up onto the road and flip it to its correct position.

Three of our employees were involved in this car recovery job, which took around three hours to complete. The vehicle leaking gasoline further complicated the operation, creating an oily sheen on the water’s surface. Thankfully, the fire department’s HAZMAT team was on hand to manage the environmental cleanup. The Baker & Baker operators eventually towed the heavily damaged vehicle to our yard.

Car Recovery Services Under Challenging Conditions

Car recovery services often encounter unpredictable scenarios. The recent incident at Pudding River is a prime example of the challenges our Baker & Baker Towing & Crane Services team often faces when conducting car recovery services. Called to undertake a car recovery from the river, our team of three operators found the vehicle submerged. The car also presented an environmental hazard to recover because it leaked gasoline into the river. The vehicle recovery team’s quick response and efficient handling of the situation were crucial to recovering the car from the lake.

Recovering or towing vehicles from barely accessible locations requires a lot of skill and experience. The car recovery services team, equipped with both a medium and heavy-duty wrecker, took great care in successfully pulling the car out of the river.

Their ability to work with emergency services like the fire department’s HAZMAT team shows that sometimes, a collaborative effort is needed to successfully complete our car recovery services.

Despite the challenging conditions, this car recovery service took three hours to complete and was a success for the Baker & Baker team. Our car recovery services won’t shy away from a real challenge to recover your vehicle from tricky situations.

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