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Heavy Towing 1985 Ford F700

Heavy Towing Team Hauls Old Crane Truck from Oregon City

It was a blast from the past for our heavy towing team this week when we were tasked with towing a 1985 Ford F700 crane truck. Baker & Baker had a truck of similar vintage in our fleet back in the eighties. While we have many memories of the truck, what stays at the forefront of our minds is how massive and heavy it was. Our model had electric hydraulic brakes which gave many professional mechanics a headache when they needed repairs!

The customer who called in for the heavy towing team was based in Oregon City. Unfortunately, in his particular location, there was little to no cell phone service (yes that still happens in 2021)! Our dispatch team worked as hard as they could to get an accurate description of the truck and the customer’s needs. Taking from our experience with a similar era truck, we deployed a 50 ton heavy wrecker to the customer’s location.

Things don’t always go to plan. When our team arrived at the customer’s location, they quickly realized that they had come slightly overprepared! Instead of the 60,000 lb behemoth that the team was expecting to move, the client’s crane truck was only 15,000 lb! With a truck of this weight, a 35 ton wrecker would have easily done the job. That being said, being over-prepared for a job is a “problem” we will take any day!

The towing team made quick work of lifting the front end of the truck and disconnecting the driveline. With the rear tires easily handling the weight of the crane truck, the Baker & Baker team towed it to its new home in Mulino, Oregon.


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Details of Heavy Towing Team Hauls Old Crane Truck from Oregon City

The heavy towing team at Baker & Baker received a call from a customer in Oregon City. The customer needed his 1985 Ford F700 crane truck to be moved from Oregon City to Mulino, Oregon. The Woodburn towing team was dispatched to the customer’s location from 2874 Newberg Highway, Woodburn, OR, 97071.

The heavy towing team took the I-5N S for 7.1 miles prior to getting on the OR-99 E to Oregon City. This was a scheduled appointment and the heavy towing team arrived 5 minutes early! Equipped with a 50 ton wrecker, the heavy towing team arrived at the customer’s location and assessed the situation. It turns out, the 50 ton heavy wrecker was not necessary to successfully complete this heavy towing job. Seeing as the truck was approximately 15,000 lb, a 35 ton wrecker would have been able to complete the job easily. 

The team backed up their wrecker to the front of the crane truck. The Woodburn tow truck team then lifted the crane truck and disconnected the driveline. The team secured the truck to their wrecker.

With everything in place, the heavy towing team was able to tow the truck to Mulino, Oregon. 

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