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Hubbard Log Truck Rollover Recovery Saves the Day

From Chaos to Clean

Last Thursday started like any other at Baker & Baker, but it quickly turned into a day we won’t soon forget. We received a call about a Hubbard log truck rollover, a situation that required immediate attention. 

The crash happened at Oregon 211 and South Barlow Road. A tractor-trailer carrying logs lost control on a curve, flipped, and needed Hubbard heavy recovery. Thankfully, there weren’t as many logs scattered as we initially feared, since the company’s owner organized another truck to recover and move the logs swiftly.

Hubbard log truck rollover

Teamwork in Action

We sent out four trucks and operators for the job: heavy wreckers 220 and 204 with Jon and Tenny, a medium-duty truck with Nick, and a cleanup truck with Tony. The overturned log truck had at least 30,000 lbs of logs, heavy with their unevaporated water.

Recovering the vehicle was a two-step task. We first set the tractor upright, then the pup trailer. The 220 truck latched onto the tractor’s front; the 204 secured the back. This process, reversing the rollover direction, required precision. Once both parts were upright, we towed them for repairs.

Environmental Cleanup

Next, we tackled environmental cleanup. We focused on a 10-foot by 20-foot area drenched in vehicle fluids, mainly motor oil. Our thorough cleanup ensured the site was safe and clean, a vital step for environmental and public safety.

Roads Restored

The Hubbard log truck rollover recovery job lasted 5 hours. The vehicle, sadly non-operable, needed towing. We worked closely with state police and the Department of Transportation, ensuring the safety of this operation.

How We Handled the Hubbard Log Truck Rollover Recovery

When a log truck rollover occurred in Hubbard, Oregon, Baker & Baker was immediately on the scene. Situated at the intersection of Oregon 211 and South Barlow Road, the accident presented a significant challenge that our team was prepared to face head-on. We dispatched four specialized trucks and operators, including two heavy wreckers and a medium-duty recovery truck, and embarked on a complex recovery operation.

On the Scene

The tractor-trailer, carrying over 30,000 lbs of freshly cut logs, required a precise and coordinated effort to recover. Our team expertly managed the situation, utilizing our 220 and 204 wreckers to secure and upright the tractor and pup trailer. This operation is not merely about brute force but involves a deep understanding of physics and vehicle dynamics.

Following the recovery from the Hubbard log truck rollover, our focus shifted to environmental cleanup, a crucial step in such incidents. We meticulously cleared the Hubbard log truck rollover site of vehicle fluids, employing absorbent pads and a water-based chemical spray to neutralize the spill. This step is integral to our commitment to environmental stewardship and community safety.

Baker & Baker: From Rollover to Hubbard Heavy Recovery

We hope by sharing this Hubbard log truck rollover recovery, we show that Baker & Baker is ready to tackle the heavy stuff. This operation, spanning approximately 5 hours, displayed our team’s capability to handle complex Hubbard log truck rollover situations efficiently. Baker & Baker is only a call away for those needing professional and reliable recovery services.

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