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Legion Park Equipment Transport: Supporting Youth Soccer

A Helping Hand for Woodburn’s Youth Soccer

At Baker & Baker Towing, we believe in giving back to our community whenever we can. So, when the Woodburn Chamber of Commerce reached out to us for help moving their soccer goals for the upcoming youth soccer league competition, we were more than happy to lend a hand—and a tow truck. They usually rely on a parent volunteer with a trailer, but this time, that option wasn’t available. We knew we had the tools and the team to get this Legion Park equipment transport job done.

Equipment towing

Gearing Up

We gathered at Legion Park in Woodburn with our flatbed truck, driven by our operator Irving, and a small crew of dedicated volunteers. The task was to transport the soccer goals from Legion Park to Woodburn High School just in time for the kids’ practice sessions and upcoming games.

Ready, Set, Load!

The process began with our team lifting the heavy soccer goals onto the flatbed truck. With the help of our volunteers, we secured the equipment with straps, ensuring everything was stable and safe for the short journey ahead. The sense of teamwork and community spirit was great, as everyone pitched in to make sure the equipment was loaded properly.

Securing the Goal

Within an hour, we arrived at Woodburn High School. Our crew met us there, and together, we off-loaded the goals, placing them carefully in their designated spots. The whole operation was smooth and efficient, a testament to the hard work and coordination of everyone involved.

From Park to Pitch: Transporting Soccer Goals for Woodburn’s Youth

Legion Park Equipment Transport

We recently completed a Legion Park equipment transport job for the Woodburn Chamber of Commerce. The task involved moving soccer goals for their youth soccer league, and we utilized our flatbed truck for this important community service.


The Legion Park equipment transport job began with careful preparation. Our driver, Irving, arrived at Legion Park equipped with the necessary tools. Accompanied by a small crew of volunteers, we lifted the soccer goals onto the flatbed truck. Ensuring the equipment was positioned correctly for transport was crucial to maintaining safety and stability.

Safe Transport 

Once the soccer goals were on the truck, our team secured them with heavy-duty straps. This step is vital in any Legion Park equipment transport job to prevent any movement during transit. Properly strapping down the equipment ensures safety for both the load and other road users. Our team double-checked each strap to guarantee stability throughout the short journey.

Securing the Win

The entire Legion Park equipment transport process took about one hour from start to finish. Our driver’s expertise and the coordinated efforts of our volunteers were key factors in the job’s success. By the end of the day, the soccer goals were safely delivered to Woodburn High School, ready for the kids to use.

Woodburn motorcycle towing

Supporting Our Community

At Baker & Baker Towing, we are honored to support our community, especially the youth. Being part of the Woodburn Youth Summer Soccer League project was a fulfilling experience for our team. We’re always ready to lend a hand and help keep progress moving in our community. We wish the Woodburn Youth Summer Soccer League a wonderful soccer season!

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