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Securing the Harvest: Woodburn Crane Company Supports Farm

A Day of Heavy Duty Lifting

We’ve got a story to share about a recent job we’ve completed in Woodburn, Oregon. A farm needed a bit of a boost with some heavy lifting from a Woodburn crane company. They were all set to reinforce their silos with new, massive 600 lb steel high beams. So, they gave us a call. Of course, we were ready to help move them with our crane services.

Near Crosby and Butteville Road, we loaded up our crane truck 209, the best tool for jobs like this. Our operators, Jon and Tenny, took the lead.

Woodburn Crane Company Raises the Bar

Now, controlling such hefty beams isn’t a walk in the park. They tend to swing a lot, and you’ve got to be on your toes. Our team used lead lines to keep everything steady as they hoisted the beams into place. Forklifts were ready to secure them into the silos. Our operators did well, it was precision at its best.

The whole operation was smooth sailing and wrapped up in about two hours. It’s always great to see a plan come together like that, especially for our local community. Helping out an industrial farm strengthens their setup and is a rewarding job for us. Of course, Jon and Tenny were happy to help. 

Woodburn Crane Company Provides Reinforcement for Local Far

In our recent project, we had the opportunity to demonstrate our capability and efficiency as a Woodburn crane company at a local industrial farm. This particular job involved a critical task: lifting and placing 600 lb steel high beams to reinforce grain or fertilizer silos. The location was near Crosby and Butteville Road, an area well-known to our team in Woodburn, Oregon.

The Right Crane for the Job

Using crane truck 209, operated by our seasoned professionals, Jon and Tenny, we set out to accomplish the task at hand. The expertise of our Woodburn crane company operators is a cornerstone of our Woodburn crane services, ensuring that every job is completed with precision and safety. The challenge of controlling the heavy beams’ swing was managed by lead lines to maintain stability throughout the operation. Jon and Tenny completed this Woodburn crane services project within two hours. 

Baker & Baker: Precision in the Field

Through our work as a local Woodburn crane company, we are proud to have played a part in strengthening the local agricultural infrastructure. Whether it’s a task involving agricultural structures or any other heavy lifting requirement, our team is equipped and ready to deliver solutions that meet our clients’ expectations. As your trusted Woodburn crane company, we’re here to lend our expertise and help you with our Woodburn crane services.

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