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Salem Heavy Towing Company Recovers Dropped Trailer

Heavy Towing Team Assists With Dropped Trailer at Shipping Facility in Salem, Oregon

A dropped trailer at a distribution and shipping facility can make for a long day. Without a trusted heavy towing company on call, you could be looking at delays and other repercussions. Baker & Baker Towing is always available for any heavy towing and recovery job you can think of. Here’s how we responded to this one.

The Baker & Baker heavy towing crew received a call last Saturday from the nearby Home Depot distribution center in Salem, Oregon on Depot Court SE. After loading up with products, a semi driver pulled off from the loading dock. Either the 5th wheel plate hookup wasn’t locked into place properly, or it simply failed.

Either way, the loaded trailer slipped off the back and fell to the ground. This left the refrigerated reefer trailer laying in the loading yard with some slight damages. As the trailer keeps cold with a diesel-powered coolant system, the fall severed the diesel line. Not only did this compromise the integrity of the products inside, it also created a bit of a mess.

Upon arrival at the scene, the owner of Baker & Baker, Kevin, quickly assessed the situation. With the help of our 50-ton heavy duty wrecker, the trailer was lifted enough to secure chains underneath the trailer. Next, the boom on the heavy wrecker lifted the opposite side high enough to situate the tractor underneath it. In the meantime, kitty litter was sprinkled on the spilled diesel fuel for absorption and cleanup.

Unfortunately, while the contents of the trailer were unscathed, the trailer’s exterior damages deemed it unfit for road travel. The undercarriage of the trailer, side skirts, and landing gear all took a hit with the fall. A mobile repair service came out and a separate heavy towing company towed the trailer to their shop.

Overall, this job took about an hour and a half. With Kevin at the helm, the heavy towing job was easy work!

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Details of Heavy Towing Team Assisting With Dropped Trailer at Shipping Facility in Salem, OR

Dropped trailers can be a relatively common occurrence at any given distribution center. When these happen, a heavy towing company is called in for quick recovery of the load. Baker & Baker heavy towing assisted on this exact type of job last Saturday.

The call for heavy towing services came from the Salem, Oregon Home Depot distribution center on Depot Court SE. A faulty or unsecured 5th wheel plate presented problems as soon as the semi-driver pulled away from the loading dock. 

With the momentum, the refrigerated reefer trailer fell off the back and onto the ground. This caused significant damage to the diesel-powered coolant system with the severing of the diesel fuel line. Additionally, the trailer’s undercarriage, side skirts, and landing gear were also negatively affected by the impact with the ground. The result was a need for fast and effective heavy towing services.

Our heavy towing expert and Baker & Baker owner, Kevin, responded to the location of the dropped trailer. To accomplish the heavy towing job, he used the 50-ton heavy duty wrecker to lift the trailer enough to secure chains underneath. He then utilized the strength of the heavy wrecker’s boom to lift the opposite side of the trailer while the semi driver backed the tractor underneath. Once secured to the tractor, Kevin cleaned up the spilled diesel fuel with kitty litter.

Although the products inside the trailer did not suffer damages, the outside defects required repair before further travel. As such, a diesel repair service was called and a separate heavy towing company hauled it to the repair shop.

Kevin was able to wrap up this heavy towing job in just under an hour and a half. Great work!


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