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Semi Truck Tow on 99E

Semi Truck Tow: An In-depth Look at Semi Truck Towing

We followed Baker & Baker’s Semi Truck Tow team on a routine semi towing call to really capture what a day is like in the semi towing business!

Our first takeaway from today was how essential a professionally trained dispatch team is to the whole towing operation. The dispatcher is the first person to assess the situation. They need to identify the client’s location and the specific issue at hand. Armed with that information, the dispatcher can then identify which semi towing team is best suited for the job. The dispatcher will also make sure that the team is dispatched with all the necessary equipment for that particular job.

On this particular day, a call was received at the semi towing dispatch center at 8:00 AM. A 2015 Volvo truck was taking the off-ramp of the 99 E in Aurora, Oregon, when they ran into some serious transmission problems. The fully-loaded tractor trailer was stuck and not going anywhere on its own!

A semi tow team with a 35-ton wrecker was on the scene within 30 minutes. Towing any vehicle, especially by the side of a highway, can be extremely dangerous. Many drivers do not slow down or give a one-lane clearance to towing personnel. Thankfully, the Oregon State Police Department was there to ensure everyone’s safety!

This was quite the straightforward semi tow:

Attach to Point of Contact
They backed up the wrecker towards the front of the tractor and proceeded to lift up the front of the tractor gaining access to the front axle. Using towing chains, they attached their wrecker to the front axle of the tractor.

Air Brake System
The semi towing team fed air from their wrecker to the tractor. This allowed them to maintain the truck’s air brake system.

Disconnect Driveshaft
In order to prevent further transmission damage, the semi truck tow team disconnected the driveshaft. They went the extra mile to tie the drive shaft so it would not move and get damaged during the towing process.

Tow Lights
The team set up tow lights, ensuring a safe drive for themselves and the drivers around them!

Final Check
What makes our semi truck tow team great is that they understand that safety is the number one priority. Even those who have been doing this job for decades still make sure to double-check all their work prior to towing a vehicle. This final inspection ensures that everything is safe and ready to hit the road!

Great work out there team! You make a precise and technical job look easy!

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Details of Semi Truck Tow: An In-depth Look at Semi Truck Towing

The dispatch team received a call requesting a semi truck tow in Aurora, Oregon, at approximately 8:00 AM. A semi truck tow team was immediately dispatched to the customer’s location. The semi truck tow team arrived at the scene of the accident where Oregon State Police were already directing the flow of traffic.

The semi tow team assessed the situation and devised a plan of action. They slowly backed their 35 ton wrecker towards the front of the disabled tractor trailer. The towing team lifted the front of the tractor attached chains to the front axle of the tractor. The semi truck tow team fed air to the truck’s airlines and disconnected the driveshaft. The semi towing team placed towing lights at the back of the trailer. The semi truck tow team did one final assessment prior to towing the semi truck.

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