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Semi Truck Undecking in Woodburn

Semi Truck Undecking of Brand New Freightliner Truck

The heavy towing team at Baker & Baker performed a semi truck undecking in Woodburn, OR. The team receives calls for undecking regularly. In fact, they help local businesses with their undecking needs almost every day of the year!

On this particular day, the team received a call from a local truck dealership. A delivery truck had just arrived with a brand new Freightliner and they needed immediate assistance with undecking it. While this job can be done with a heavy wrecker, the team already had their crane out and ready to go so chose to use it for this job. 

They drove the crane over to the dealership and arrived within 30 minutes of receiving the initial phone call. The new Freightliner truck was definitely a truck you can’t miss with it’s bright yellow paint job! 

The Baker & Baker undecking team had the new yellow truck on the ground in no time. Today was a simple job with only one truck being undecked. Oftentimes, they need to undeck up to three semi tractors at a time!

Let us know if you see this bright yellow truck on the road in Woodburn! We’d love to know what it’s new owner will be using it for!

Woodburn semi truck undecking Woodburn semi truck undecking Woodburn semi truck undecking 

Details of Semi Truck Undecking of Brand New Freightliner Truck

A call requesting the semi truck undecking team was received at Baker & Baker’s in-house dispatch center. The dispatcher noted that the undecking team only had to undeck one truck on this particular job.

The semi truck undecking team chose to bring their crane to the customer’s location as it was already out and prepped. Taking the OR-214 S, the Woodburn undecking team made their way to the local truck dealership.

Once at the dealership, the semi truck undecking team assessed the situation. There was one bright yellow Freightliner truck piggybacked on the delivery truck. The semi truck undecking team lifted the yellow Freightliner in the air and proceeded to disconnect it from the delivery truck.

Once all the lines were disconnected, the Woodburn undecking team was able to gently set the new truck on the ground. With their job complete, the semi undecking team made their way back to Baker & Baker Towing and Crane Service headquarters located at 2874 Newberg Hwy, Woodburn, OR 97071, United States.

The team cleaned and disinfected all the equipment that they used to ensure that everything was ready for the next job. Baker & Baker offers semi truck decking and undecking services in Woodburn, OR. Their heavy duty towing department is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year so they can work around your schedule. If you need a reliable undecking service in Woodburn, Oregon, call 503-981-9597.

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