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Crane Tow Service Lifts Silo

Oregon Crane Tow Service Moves Silo

Baker & Baker responded to a call for a crane tow service at a local farm. The farmer in question needed help to lift a silo as he was moving it to a new location on his property. Silos are most commonly used for storing grain, coal, and food products in bulk. This particular farmer used his silos to store grain.

The crane tow service team made their way to the farm, bringing their 15 ton crane along with them. Once at the farm, the team had to figure out how they were going to lift the silo as safely as possible. The silo itself was lying on its side, which made it much easier for the team to find the hidden hook points inside the silo! 

Once they ascertained that the lift points could support the weight of the silo, the crane service team passed the straps through an opening at the top of the silo and hooked onto them. From that point on, the crane did all the heavy lifting! The farmer was extremely prepared for this lift and had already put the footings in place. All that was left for the crane tow service team to do was to move to silo to where the farmer specified.

Fantastic work out there team! 

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crane tow service

crane tow service

Details of Oregon Crane Tow Service Moves Silo

A crane tow service team was requested at a local Oregon farm. Baker & Baker’s dispatch team advised the crane tow service team that they would be moving a silo to a new spot on the farmer’s land. They decided to bring their 15 ton crane to the farm.

The crane service team was dispatched from 2874 Newberg Highway, Woodburn, OR 97071. Once at the farm, the crane tow service team assessed the situation. The farmer showed the crane service team exactly where he wanted the silo to be moved. 

After their assessment, the crane service team located lift points inside the silo that would be able to support the weight. Using straps, the crane tow service team hooked onto the silo’s lifting points. With everything secure, the crane tow service team slowly lifted the silo into the air.

Once it was off the ground, the crane service team carefully guided the silo to its new location on the farm. The crane service team gently lowered the silo onto the ground. The crane service team returned to the Baker & Baker headquarters. Once at headquarters, they cleaned their equipment in order to ensure it was ready for the next job!


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